Wendy Wood, R.M.

I was first introduced to midwifery in 1996 when Penny delivered my son. In 1999 my daughter was born but this time I did not have midwifery care. The difference in my experiences gave me very good perspective on the value and impact midwives could make in a woman’s birth experience. Penny made such an impact on me that ten years later I choose midwifery as a career change. After working 15 years as a paramedic with the City of Calgary EMS Services, I enrolled in the Midwives College of Utah while still working as a paramedic. Briar Hill Midwives were kind enough to take me on as their student for my 2½ years of practicum then hire me to work with my mentors on Team 1 in January 2011.

It has been, and continues to be a privilege to attend so many women’s births. Birth is a miracle every single time and watching women believe in themselves and the capabilities of their bodies is simply inspiring. Even though I sometimes miss driving the ambulance with lights and sirens, I am thoroughly enjoying my move from sickness and death to birth and life.