Mary Landsiedel, R.N. R.M.

Being with women and families as they embark along the journey of pregnancy and childbirth has been a lifelong dream for me. My mother always told the story of how I would help my dolls birth their babies when I was a young child. She always encouraged me to go to school and live my dream, ‘I was meant to be a midwife’. In 1998, two years after my mom passed away suddenly, I retuned to University where I completed a degree in Nursing. My final practicum was spent with Briar Hill Midwives and it was during this rotation that I was truly convinced midwifery was my calling. In 2005, I packed my bags and traveled to Australia to realize my dream of becoming a midwife. My husband and three daughters stayed in Canada while I went to learn the art and the science of midwifery. I have been with Briar Hill Midwives since my return in December of 2005.

I have been employed with the Calgary Health Region as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse for the last twenty-one years. I have worked in many different areas including acute care, research, outpatient clinics and public health. My interests have always lied in women’s and infant health. I have taught childbirth classes and taken many courses on breastfeeding and pregnancy care as well as care of the newborn. I currently sit on the Midwifery Health Disciplines Committee, the regulatory board for Registered Midwives in Alberta.

I have my husband Tim and three wonderful daughters, Angelina, Chantelle and Kassandra. My families unwavering support and willingness to handle life for a year on there own while I travelled to Australia made it possible for me to answer my calling to be a midwife. Their continued support has made my passion for midwifery grow.


I believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and empowering events that should be shared by couples and families. The birth of a child is a life changing occasion that deserves honor and respect. As a midwife I feel that my role is to preserve this for all the families we care for. I look forward to helping you as you travel along this wonderful journey!

PLEASE NOTE: Mary's clinic is located at Mountain Health Team in Airdrie, AB.

5, 213 Main Street N
Airdrie, AB T4B 0R6