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Cher Higgin, R.M.

For as long as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to work in the healthcare profession. Even as a toddler I would take out my play stethoscope and listen to my baby siblings heart. I have always been amazed by the complexity of the human body and loved connecting with people. My grandfather was an obstetrician for 35 years and I always loved hearing his stories.

I began my journey by pursuing a health science degree with the thought that I would apply to medical school when I was finished. After two years of study, I chose to combine volunteering with travel and spent 6 months living in Argentina and travelling to Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. During this time, after working closely with pregnant teenagers, I realized that what I really loved was being a part of the birth process and that I wanted to pursue midwifery.  When I returned to Canada, I became a Doula before setting off to Honduras for a 3 month volunteer trip working in the public hospitals on the island of Roatan. It was there that I caught my first baby and I knew without a doubt that was what I was called to do. That year, I was accepted into the Bachelor of Midwifery program at Mount Royal University.

There is no other career that I would want to dedicate my life to and I am so excited to begin my career at Briar Hill in Airdrie. I have attended over 200 births and am always amazed at how unique and special each birth is. It truly is a miracle. There is no greater honour than being a part of your care, and being one of the first people to welcome your baby into the world. I look forward to meeting and partnering with you during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.