Briar Hill Midwives is the longest established practice of midwives providing personalized continuous care to families in Calgary

We are a group of Registered Midwives who are arranged into teams, providing care to women in Calgary and surrounding areas throughout the childbearing years. We share a common holistic midwifery philosophy and work closely together to ensure personal continuous care to women, their newborns, and their families.

Our experiences are diverse, from nursing backgrounds to midwifery experiences in other countries such as Britain, Australia, and the US.

We strongly believe that parents have the right and responsibility to make informed, intelligent, and sensitive decisions about the manner in which they choose to give birth. We provide the resources to assist families in making these decisions. We are very proud of the care which we have been privileged to provide to hundreds of women and are happy to provide references from past or present clients

  • Our family would like to thank you all for the care you gave us during the nine months of pregnancy. The whole experience is very precious to us and we will never forget the memory of Mackenzie's birth. Your efforts made my labour incredible. Thank you all very much.
  • We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done. Through your knowledge, caring, encouragement, and support, you made my dream become a reality. With your guiding hands we feel Sage was brought into the world in the best way possible. Her birth at home was both empowering and quite miraculous! The passion and love that you all share for your work shines through! Thank you for being part of our lives.
  • The Briar Hill Midwives helped facilitate the most positive and profound experience of my life. Their caring natures and expertise enabled me to birth at home with confidence. My daughter's birth was gentle - she came into the world alert and content, and the care we both received after her birth was invaluable.
  • Thank you for the loving, caring, yet professional role you played in my prenatal care. The birth of Lava, and the follow up care of Lava and me. You all possess a beautiful gift, the ability to guide a woman to recognizing her own innate powers for bringing forth new life.
  • You were beside me on this journey of healing with this second birth. Liam's birth has left me changed and enriched as has the care you have given me and shown me. So many women thank God you three were put on the planet to enrich and change the lives of so many. I am blessed.
  • Thank you for making the birth all we had hoped it could be - joyful parents, perfect baby.
  • Many thanks for all your support and assistance. We are thrilled that you all could be a part of a most incredible experience. Without your exceptional care and guidance we would have been at a loss. You are true angels and bless you all!
  • Thank you for making our dream come true! Having David at home was something we had always wanted to do, and you three very special ladies made it come true! You are like a family to us and I will never forget you. Thanks for everything and always being there when I needed you.
  • Ah life's journey! If I hadn't had a c-section, if you ladies (and others) hadn't pushed the system, and made so many sacrifices we wouldn't have met and I wouldn't have had such a wonderful home birth. In short, I wouldn't be who I am today. Thanks for making a difference in so many existing and new lives!

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